“Agent Starling play dense and complex drone based music with pop sensibilities and nods to psychedelia, folk, roots, world, classical, rock, indie, alt-folk, drone and pop music.”

” … a delightful earworm, a catchy hurdy-gurdy tune with hypnotic drones, live bass grooves vocals & strings, all with an experimental edge. The music feels modern and ancient something yet to be heard.”

Agent Starling are Quentin Budworth hurdy-gurdy and Louise Duffy-Howard aka Lou Loudhailer voices, other instruments and programming, also featuring special guest Dexter Duffy-Howard on violin and cello.

Quentin and Lou both have strong musical provenance. Lou was originally in recently reformed prophetic UK Indie band Red Guitars and has gigged and recorded ever since, currently heading up psychedelic rock band Loudhailer Electric Company. Originally part of Suns of Arqa, hurdy-gurdy specialist Quentin is the force behind world fusion medieval rave band Celtarabia. Agent Starling are preparing to tour in 2023.

Quentin and Lou photo by Richard Duffy-Howard

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