Welcome to Agent Starling, Lou Duffy-Howard and Quentin Budworth’s new musical adventure, brimful of catchy hurdy-gurdy tunes, new songs, hypnotic drones, vocal harmonies, live bass grooves & strings, all with an experimental edge.

NEWS FLASH! Brand new album Constellation of Birds, download and limited edition CD now available from Bandcamp: https://loudhaileruk.bandcamp.com/album/constellation-of-birds

“(Constellation of Birds) is compelling, demanding, progressive, and fuses a range of cross-cultural folk-based sounds and moods. The album challenges and stretches boundaries, and occasionally – in a good way – feels slightly unhinged, but I absolutely love it when musicians dare to tread forth where many would turn on their heels and run.” John Reed Fatea Magazine

“…an album that both respects and goes far beyond the traditions of Hurdy-Gurdy and European Folk, embracing genres and creating lovely textures. You will not hear another album like this in 2022.” Neil March Trust the Doc 

Debut album European Howl and winter festival EP The Northern Lights Trilogy available on Bandcamp and the usual digital outlets now.

To get the full European Howl download or limited edition CD from Bandcamp click here: https://loudhaileruk.bandcamp.com/album/european-howl

“Experimental hurdy-gurdy on duo’s impressive debut. European Howl is a complex, immersive and at times disorienting listening experience.” (Tony Gillam, SONGLINES July 2021)

“I doubt very much that you will hear anything quite like this anywhere else in current music… Truly wondrous.” (Neil March Trust the Doc Issue 62) 

“In all the years since this podcast started I don’t think we’ve ever knowingly featured a hurdy-gurdy. But there’s a first time for everything thanks to Agent Starling.” (Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music)

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